Monday, September 05, 2005

Anger and Frustration - 9/05/05

I like to think of myself as a pretty tough old broad. I was born into the Dust Bowl, wasn't I? I grew up as one of the poorest of the poor, didn't I? I have made my second career of caring for the disabled and disadvantaged, haven't I? But yesterday there were two occasions when I found tears in my eyes.

The first was when Aaron Bouchard, the president of Jefferson Parish, told of his old mother being in the hospital and calling him every day, asking him to send somebody to get her. Every day he told her, "Tomoorow, Mama, somebody will come and get you on Tuesday," but nobody came. Each day he said they would be there the next day. On Friday, he said, "Somebody will be there to get you on Saturday." She drowned on Friday night.

The second was when a chopper was taking two young men off a roof. When the first one was loaded, their little brown dog was trying desperately to get into the basket with him. but they hauled him up, leaving th dog. The basket came back and they loaded the second man and I began to choke. The water was lapping at the eaves, just inches below the roof and they were leaving that loyal little friend there to drown! At the last possible second, the rescuer reached down, picked up the dog, and placed him in the lap of the man in the basket! Those tears were tears of gratitude. Imagine how many animals, loved and loving, perished in this royal clusterfuck!

This has been a week from hell, just seeing the misery on television, capped off by the sight of Chertoff, saying he didn't even know that New Orleans was flooded until Friday, and Bush, Rummy, Chertoff, and the Generals, garbling their words and lying out their asses, patting each other on the back for doing such a "good job under bad circumstances". Where the hell were they on Tuesday? I am just so angry about so many atrocities that were visited on those poor people that I can't even collect my thoughts enough to do an acceptable rant!


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Blogger Thomas Mc. said...

Anger is the word I'm finding in most of my emails about New Orleans.

6:21 PM  
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