Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bloodless War

"Give us a bloodless war!" they cry,
"Don't let us see anybody die,
Let us cheer the marchers and salute the flag,
Celebrate the victory then go home and brag!
Hide the burning bodies and the severed arms,
And mute the sound of the raid alarms.
Let us slay the infidel and rout the beast
But shield us from what we like the least.
Let us enjoy the spoils of war,
But save us from seeing the blood and gore.

"Hide from us the keening cries
Of a mother who mourns while her baby dies,
Don't let us hear the piteous moans
Of a child in pain with broken bones
While a nurse who has no time for hugs
Tries to heal without any drugs;
Cover the missing feet and hands!
It is too sad for our hearts to stand.
Give us instead a cheerful smile
So that we may enjoy our war a while.

"Bring the dead home by dark of night
And hide them carefully from sight.
We don't want to know how their families feel;
We don't want to see that death is real.
We don't want to know that soldier's name
For that might bring a sense of shame.
Let us not question who's to blame
While we play our silly political games.
We will rejoice as we did before
While our children pay for our bloodless war."


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